Rape. Drug dependence and abuse. Pornography.

Domestic abuse. Driving under the influence.

Disorderly conduct. Cheating.

Depression. Anxiety.


While the greatest number of professional and collegiate coaches and athletes are men and women of only the strongest character and morality, too many “make the news” with acting out and unhealthy attitudes that indicate there is something dramatically troubling to them.  All of them are CHAMPIONS – but at the same time a great number of them have all but forfeited their potential to become true HEROES.

We see it all too prominently in professional and collegiate athletics (because they are “news makers”), but it occurs in every profession and walk of life: Bankers. Attorneys.  Physicians. Housewives (and “househusbands”). Ministers. Business executives. Plumbers.  Electricians. The list could fill pages.

Champions 2 Heroes

Transforming Todays Champions Into Tomorrows Heroes

“…because every one of us, ordinary or grand, is defined by our own moments in time – by the choices we make, the obstacles we surmount, the dreams we achieve, the people we love, and maybe most of all the goals we don’t quite reach.

Whether in victory or defeat, how we choose to handle those moments is what marks the best of us, long after we are gone.  It is, in the end, how we are remembered.”   (Excerpt from an article written by David Colton, USA Today)

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