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The Premiere Champions 2 Heroes Process

Phase I – Measurable Evaluation 

  • The BrainCode / NeuroSport MBTI Profile & feedback
  • The C2H LifeSigns  Profile & feedback (Baseline) (Optional) 

Phase II –  On-going training - C2H Core Training

  • Discussions in Leadership, character, integrity, values
  • Writing the base line Personal Mission Statement

Phase III – Establishing the Mentor-Coach Relationships 

  • Building Trust, establishing rapport
  • Refining the Personal Mission Statement
  • Building a Vision Statement for the Personal Mission Statement
  • Developing the C2H Recovery System
  • Measuring growth – C2H LifeSigns II 

Phase IV – Evaluation for further Mentor-Coach Relationships

  • We sit down together to see how the process is working for you, and to see if you desire an additional “semester” of having your mentor-coach walk alongside
Champions 2 heroes

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