Fees & other information 

Fees for the Premiere Champions 2 Heroes Process are based on a number of factors.

For parents of high school and college students:  We realize that parents are often paying enormous amounts of money for academic specialty training, select sports, and tuitions.  To help with these costs, we have set the fees for qualifying student “Champions” as low as we can.  We provide a “sliding scale” for students, and a full two semesters of all-inclusive work in the C2H Premiere Process for students ranges from $3,100-$4,500.

For professional leaders:  The Premiere Champions 2 Heroes Process is designed to give the very highest quality of life-coaching and mentoring available.  Our “A-Team” of leaders are all professionally trained Certified Life Coaches .,.. most have several years of experience in walking alongside their clients!   We realize that professionals at different levels of leadership demand a higher intensity of professionalism and care.  We seriously take into consideration every facet of need our professional “Champions.”  We recommend a minimum of 6 months of participation in C2H with a cost that ranges from $5,650-$7,500.

The C2H Intensive Retreats:  When we receive calls from people who are struggling from life experiences such as depression, anxiety, trauma, abandonment, abuse.,..or who have made one or  more life-altering decisions, we often recommend they participate in our 14-21 day C2H Intensive Retreat.   We have several locations in which we conduct these retreats, all near the DFW Metroplex.  The average, all-inclusive cost of $1,650-$2,450 per day includes round-trip transportation from either D/FW Airport or Love Field, and all of your retreat activities (individual and group counseling, consultations with our staff psychiatrist, evaluation with our staff psychologist, and other therapies that are part of your custom-designed retreat.  The cost also includes all meals, snacks, lodging, and curriculum).

Follow-Up Processes: The surest way to short-circuit your on-going growth after taking part in either the Premiere Champions 2 Heroes  Process or the C2H Intensive Retreats is to assume that you’ve “got it” now.  In fact, we all but insist that the evaluation processes we undertake with you include a proactive follow-up process.  In both of our processes, we make every effort to carefully measure your growth during our work together, and assist you in designing an on-going process of growth.  Guests in our C2H Intensive Retreats almost always follow up with at least 4-5 months in the Premiere Champions 2 Heroes Process.  It’s really designed to stand alone, or to be the best follow-up process you can find anywhere!

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